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58x Complete Wiring Harness Kit

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Custom stand alone designed for general engine bay or cab applications, open loop only wiring harness,40 inches long from rear of engine to PCM connectors (allowing easy installation), 4 fuse panel, ALDL connector, Fuel pump relay, 3 wire hook up with 1 fuel pump wire and tack, 3 injector harness leads available (specify injector plug). This kit is designed to up-fit any GM LS series engine with 58x gray crank sensor. Also included in this kit is a PCM with base tune, fuel pump, regulator kit, line and fittings. Additionally, this kit includes PCM with a base tune with other tuning options available. In-tank electric fuel pump rated at 255 liters/hour on pump gas up to 585hp, inline fuel filter with AN-6 fittings, 15 feet of -6 high pressure line and fittings.

NOTE: Harness does not include provisions for O2 sensors or knock sensors.